Creating leaders for 21st century

Ensure 100% learning

Increasing the efficacy of teachers

Success to every student and to every school

Yardstick modules based on Y methodology improves learning and satisfaction levels

0% attrition rate in schools Yardstick is working with more than 200 schools across different borders. Since inception, all its school partners renewed the program year on year


An average of 17% more in the achievement levels of students in the schools adopted



Over 90% growth in the engagement levels of children in the class room


Over 3 times increase in the interaction levels in the class room


Ready to work with Yardstick




Administrative office:

Yardstick Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd

2 Floor, Plot Number E 65,

4th Crescent, Sainikpuri,

Hyderabad – 94, India

Phone Number: +91 40 2711 5099


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