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“Ensure success through Yardstick offerings “

Yardstick provides customized resources to empower teachers, schools and students to deliver best in class learning environment

Yardstick does the gap analysis to understand the learning achievements and provides suitable modules to bridge the same. It offers the program in Science and mathematics

Each module is design on the principles of Y methodology, which ensures learning in side and outside the classroom. Module has the following

  1. Materials to do a live project
  2. Self assessment sheet for the student
  3. Teachers manual – a guided lesson plan for the teachers to take up the module in the classroom

Teachers are trained and certified on Y- methodology before initiation of the program

After the Gap analysis, integration and training of teachers, each student is given modules that are identified.

Teachers facilitate the students in the classrooms to ensure learning outcomes are met and every child is learns. The best part is child takes home the project he does and continues to learn outside the classroom too.

Continuous handholding is done at schools via product specialist of  Yardstick

Todays leading schools use Yardstick to improve student’s achievement


Administrative office:

Yardstick Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd

2 Floor, Plot Number E 65,

4th Crescent, Sainikpuri,

Hyderabad – 94, India

Phone Number: +91 40 2711 5099


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